Practical courses

Vienna 2023 PEF SCHOOL Practical Courses

The Practical Courses aim at providing hands-on experience on major topics relevant for PEF applications.

Course 1: Microbial Inactivation and Preservation by PEF

Batch and continuous PEF treatment of liquids

Role of product and process parameters on the inactivation

Consideration of thermal effects

Inactivation kinetics

Characterization of PEF damage to microbial cells (Flow Cytometry)

Course 2: Plant Cell Disintegration by PEF

Treatment of solid or pumpable plant raw materials

Methods for the quantification of cell disintegration

Impact on subsequent processing steps (juice recovery, drying, extraction, cutting, peeling)

Comparison to other cell disintegration techniques

Course 3: Modelling & Simulation

Material parameters relevant for PEF modelling and simulation

Interconnection of PEF processing conditions

Introduction to modelling and simulation software

Description of flow pattern, electric field and temperature distribution

Experimental validation concepts

Simulation tools for treatment chamber design optimization

Modelling electric field and thermal effects on cells, tissue and ingredients

Course 4: Pulse Generation & Equipment Design

Components of pulse generating systems

Design of pulse generators for different pulse characteristics

Measurement of electrical output parameters

Course 5: Emerging Food Processing Technologies

Ohmic Heating for preservation and thermal cell disintegration

High Pressure Processing for microbial inactivation and structure modification

Pulsed Light surface decontamination

Cold Plasma applications